SharePoint Online – Off the grid for the day

Today, I learned a valuable lesson: If you think that you don’t need a disaster recovery plan because you’re hosting your SharePoint content online in Office 365 you are fooling yourself.

Today one of my clients was unable to access these services, for the entire day:

  1. SharePoint Online admin console
  2. Any SharePoint Sites
  3. Delve
  4. Newsfeed
  5. One Drive for Business
  6. Video Portal

In fact, these services had been down since Saturday, but no one at Microsoft knew about it until this morning when we logged the incident. Since most of my client’s operations are now in Office 365, no one was able to work, no one could access their files. The entire company was out of service, for the entire day. Higher management was NOT happy…

Microsoft finally brought the service back online in the evening, but I would have never expected such a service loss.

Moral of the sorry: If you don’t have a DR plan yet, start looking into it!

I hope this helps,