Office 365 – From a tenant to another – Create a new Office 365 Tenant

Before you can start migrating anything at all, you must first create a new office 365 Tenant. When you do so, make sure you choose your name wisely. Remember the reason we had to migrate tenants in the first place. This may seem obvious, but choosing a tenant name might take more time than you would expect it, so make sure you give management enough time to come to a decision. In fact, you should make it a task in your project plan.


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Office 365 – From a tenant to another – Planning

Communication is the key

When you start planning your migration, make sure to put your end users in the loop right away. Let them know you’re about to change their actual situation and try to get them to understand the reasons why you are doing it. Most of them won’t really understand or care for the reasons you are doing this, but in some cases you might get some unexpected feedback.

IE, once I had a group of 20 users working on a project using SharePoint for their documents. They were running at around 50 Gigs of content, nothing major here, but while talking with one of them about the migration, I realized they were referencing files to other files using internal hard coded hyperlinks.


Without that feedback, I would have never been able to address this situation in the planning phase and I would have ended up with unhappy users. I’m not saying you should tell every user everything you’re doing, but I’m suggesting you include a communication strategy in your project plan.

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Office 365 – From a tenant to another – Chapter one

Ok, now that we’ve established some context, stop reading this post and go :

  • Open a ticket with the Office 365 support team and tell them about your intentions
  • Find a third party to move you SharePoint Content
  • Find a third party to move you Exchange content

Office 365 support

Some of the biggest challenges we will have to face, have nothing to do with the migration itself, but with the support teams will have to interact with. Choose your third parties according your migration needs, of course, but DO NOT under estimate the value of a technically knowledgeable support team.

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Office 365 – From a tenant to another, the full story!

The first step of migrating one Office 365 tenant to another is simple: Go back in time and chose the proper name for your tenant.

Option 1

Here is a fictive scenario:

The CEO of Crazy Rentals was told by a friend all about Office 365 and he wants to see what the fuzz is all about. He reaches out to Steve (someone in IT, sometimes) to create a trial tenant. When creating the tenant and asked for the name of the company Steve specifies that Crazy Rentals is the name of the company.

Without even realizing it, Steve ends up with a domain name that looks something like this: and SharePoint tenant URL that looks something like that Never the less, Steve is super happy with this. He plays with his new tenant for few days and then projects start coming in and obviously, he has to focus on these. Time goes by and Steve forgets about his trial tenant.

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