Breaking Document Sets – Part 2

As I was saying in my previous post, Breaking Document Sets – Part 1, I’m working on a solution with Document Sets.

Again I don’t think we have to go into details here, but I needed to create projects containing deliverables. I need to be able to track deliverable status and I also need to attach the deliverables to the project without impacting the classification process.

So, I came up with this basic structure:

Content Type Structure

Again I came across limitations! It turns out that, when creating an item based on Folder within a Document Set. The values for Shared column are not being propagated to these items.

This is what you should get:


This is what you will get:


FYI, I opened a ticket with Microsoft for that matter as well, and they are apparently working on a fix. I haven’t had feedback in couple of days now, but I’ll keep you posted when we have a resolution.

I hope this helps,