I’m speaking at aOS Aix-en-Provence

SUPER EXITED to be flying to France and meet the European aOS community over there. On September 6, I’ll be giving a session on Flow and Power Apps.


I’ve been givings lots of sessions on Power BI lately and felt the need to explore some of the other Office 365 features. This is my first time in France, hopefully my accent won’t be to much of an issue over there.

Even tho it’s a bit far, you can register here if ever are in the aria 😉

Save email attachments to SharePoint using Flow

One the most common request I get from my users is: How can I save an email attachment directly into SharePoint. Before Flow we had to rely on third parties to do this properly but now, we can automate that process. Pretty cool uh? Obviously there many scenarios where this won’t apply, but in this post I will show you how you can easily create a “Flow” to save email attachments to a SharePoint library for a specific incoming email address.

First, go to https://flow.microsoft.com, then click on the Browse Menu:


Then, chose the Save my email attachments to a SharePoint document library templalte

Save Template

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