Breaking Document Sets – Part 3

Ok, were back at it with the breaking document sets. My favorite topic lately!

In my previous two post, I showed you how to break document sets using managed metadata columns. Now let see how annoying it can be to save a document library as template and lose your default view configurations.

First things first, you need:

  • One custom content type based on Document Set.
  • One document library

Go ahead and create content type, using document set as parent. You can call it Project Phase (as illustrated below). Leave everything else by default.

Create Content Type

Now, create a new document library and call it Project 1. Once created, go to the document library settings and activate content type management.

Activate Content type

Next, create a standard in view which we will use later on to configure our document set. You can call it All deliverables.

Create View

You can now ahead and add the content type Project Phase to the Project 1 document library. You should end up with something like this:

Activated Content types

Click on the Project Phase content type and navigate to the document set settings page. Go to the bottom of that page and change the welcome page view to point to All deliverables. It should look something like this:

Select proper view

Great, we are now setup as we wanted too. BUT, what if we need to replicate the Project 1 document library behavior in another document library? One would thing that saving Project 1 as a template and create a new document library from that template would work and to be honest, I would agree with one, but we would both be wrong.

Let’s see,

Go back to the Project 1 document library settings and save it as template. Call your template Project. We won’t need the content. You should have something like this:

Creating template

Almost done here, “on lâche pas!”. Create a new document library using your new “app” and call it Project 2.

Creating App

Go to the Project 2 document library settings, find the Project Phase content type. Navigate to the document set settings page, scroll down and voilà. The view selected for your document set welcome page is not the good one.

Proper view not selected

It might seem like a small issue but, when you’re trying to duplicate behavior on a larger scale, it may become irritating for end users to have to reconfigure the content type’s default view for every project they create.


I hope this helps,

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