Show a hidden field in a document set detail page

Imagine the following scenario. I’m using a document library do manage my service offerings. Every service offering is created by using a custom content type based on Document Sets.  I have only few fields in my content type :


Notice the column Project Site, this column contains a URL automatically generated by a workflow using the Client and Name column. So when the status of my service offering changes to Win, the URL to the project site is automatically generated. Therefore I don’t want my end users to modify Project Site column from the edit form. So, I make it a Hidden field.

Edit form

This is all looking very nice, but I would also like the URL to the project site to show in the details page of my Service Offerings, which is using the default Document Set Welcome page.

Default Home page

The problem is, since I’ve specified that Project Site is a hidden field, I’m not allowed to select it from the Document Set properties page. The field is just not available for selection.AvailableFieldInitial

But, if I go back to my site column and change Hidden for Optional,


Then look at the Document Set properties page, the field is now available.


If add it to my Welcome page, it shows as expected


Now, all I have to do is go back to my Content Type column and hide it again. The column wont show in the Edit form as requested, but will remain available in the Document Set Welcome page.

I hope this hepls,




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