Save email attachments to SharePoint using Flow

One the most common request I get from my users is: How can I save an email attachment directly into SharePoint. Before Flow we had to rely on third parties to do this properly but now, we can automate that process. Pretty cool uh? Obviously there many scenarios where this won’t apply, but in this post I will show you how you can easily create a “Flow” to save email attachments to a SharePoint library for a specific incoming email address.

First, go to, then click on the Browse Menu:


Then, chose the Save my email attachments to a SharePoint document library templalte

Save Template

Specify you want to Use this template

03-Chose this template

Specify proper credentials for your email account and SharePoint


Expend the On New email action and toggle to the advanced parameter

05- Expend and toggle

Specify the incoming email address you want this action to trigger for


Specify the SharePoint site and Document Library where you want save the attachments


Click on Create Flow


Click on Done


That’s it, you’re done ! Now send an email with an attachment using the address specified in the From field of the On new email action to the email address you used to connect your Flow to. Wait a minute and go check the document library where you specified you wanted the attachments to be saved, your file should be there. To validate that the flow executed as expected, click on the Information button from the My flows list.


You should see that the flow succeeded


I hope this was helpful,


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