Publish a Power BI report in SharePoint

One of the most common question I get when I give Power BI session is : Can I publish “that” in my SharePoint site ? The answer to this is : Yes you can, but it depends on what you meant by “that”.

Power BI is build around 3 basic concepts :

Basic Concepts

I won’t be covering these in details in this post, but in a nutshell :

  • A dataset is something you connect to or import into Power BI;
  • A report is a bunch of visualisations (pie charts, bar charts, etc.) using the data from the datasets;
  • A dashboard is an aggregation of visuals that might come from multiple reports.

So, to answer the question better : Yes you can publish a report in a SharePoint site by using the Publish to web feature.

To do so,

Go to and locate the report you want to publish to SharePoint. In my case, I’ll be using the Sales and Marketing Sample that comes with Power BI:Sales and Marketing Sample

Then, from the file menu select the Publish to web option:

Publish to web

When asked, clicked the Create embed code button:
Create Embed

Click the publish button:


Once published, you’ll be given a snippet of HTML code. Select and copy that code and then click close:


Go to the SharePoint site / page you what to publish the report and edit the page:

Edit page

From the ribbon select the Insert tab, the the Embed Code option:

Insert Embeded Code

Modify the frameborder or the allowFullScreen options as desired and client Insert:


Save your modifications:


And there you go ! You have a Power BI report published on a SharePoint page:



I hope this was helpful,


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