Keep an eye on your SharePoint content using Security Alerts

The Office 365 offering is without a doubt a great  enabler when it comes down to productivity. Everything is accessible from every where at any point in time.

This all good, but how can we keep an eye on our content and insure security and compliance ?  We certainly don’t want to kill productivity by closing all the doors to our end users, but at the same time we often have to guaranty that the end users behave in a reasonable manner.

Let’s say I need to track down when users are sharing SharePoint content, what was shared and who it was shared with.  I could achieve that by configuring security alerts in the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center.

From the Office 365 Admin portal, in the Admin Centers, select the Security and Compliance option

Security and compliance center

Once in the Security and Compliance center, locate the Manage Alerts menu and if you haven’t started recording activities, click on the Start recording user and admin activities link

start recording

Then click the Turn on button

Turn on

Once started recording user’s behavior, click on the Add an alert buttonAdd an alerte

From the alert creation window specificity give you alert a Name and Description. In my case I want to track when people are sharing SharePoint content, so

Name Description

Now select the activity you want to track. In this case, Shared file, folder or site


If you want to track this for specific users, add them in the Users list.

Select User

Specify who will receive the alerts

Send to

And there you go, when demouser tries to share SharePoint content, I will receive an email saying that he did.

I hope this helps,


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