Create a mobile app for your Service Desk with SharePoint Online and PowerApps

Power Apps is a very cool service delivered in Office 365 that simplifies the application creation / deployment process.

Lets pretend for a minute that I’m using SharePoint Online to track my service desk tickets. So I have a basic SharePoint list allowing my end users to create tickets and it gives me an easy way to track them .

Create Ticket

How cool would it be if I could provide my end users a mobile application to open new tickets ? It would be cool, but also complicated and expensive to make it happen with a “conventional” development framework. With PowerApps, on the other end, this can be done quite easily and pretty freaking fast.

PowerApps offering is comparable to Power BI on some levels. There is the PowerApps Service, allowing you to publish and share your apps to your organisation and the Power Apps client application allowing you to connect to data sources and create apps.

To work with Power Apps, you must first register to the Power Apps Service  then you can download the PowerApps client application from the App Store and install it on your computer.  Once the client application is installed, launch it.

From the Account tab, make sure you are logged in with a valid Office 365 account.


Navigate to the New tab and in the SharePoint Online section, click on Phone Layout,


Specify the URL where your list is located and chose the list you want to work with, on our case, Service Desk then click the Connect button. Keep in mind that this is a custom list. At the time this article was written, PowerApps wouldn’t allow to connect to SharePoint out of the box lists.


And that’s it… This is how you create a mobile SharePoint application that allows your end users to an new tickets. To see what you application looks like, you can test it by clicking the Play button

Click play

Once the application is running, click the + button to open a new ticket

Click the Plus

Fill up the form and click the Check button to validate.

Fill up the form

Now go back to your list in SharePoint and make sure the new ticket was created


Add the pages, fields, theme and colors you want and once your happy with the end result, publish you app to your app store by using the Save As option. Make sure you’re saving to the cloud and that you’re allowing other users of your organisation to use you app.


Et voila, your app as been publish. You can validate that by logging in the Power Apps web application



You can also download Power Apps for mobile on your phone, connect with you office 365 account and start using you application right way.


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