Brand your Office 365 sign-in page

One of the common question I get when deploying Office 365 in organizations is : Can I brand the login page ? Yes we can, but not in Office 365 !?!?! It might appear fumy, but you have to do that through the Azure portal.

First let’s look at what’s “brandable”:

  1. The big image
  2. The Logo
  3. The example of how to log in
  4. The keep me sign in
  5. The sign-in text page


Ok, let’s get started,

First, log on to your Office 365  admin portal : then locate the Azure AD menu from the Admin Centers Section


Once in the Classic Azure administration portal, locate the Active Directory menu and select the domain you want to configure the sign-in page for.

Select AD

Chose the Configure menu

Select Configure

Then, the Customize Branding buton

Select Customize Branding

Once in the Customize Branding form, select the Next page Arrow

Edit Default


  1. Add a 60 x 280 image for you logo
  2. Add a 240 x 240 image for you square logo
  3. Give an example of a user login that fits your domain name
  4. The Sign-in page text heading is not showing for me, but…
  5. Specify a Sign-in page text that fits you needs
  6. Move on to the next page

Customize Branding


  1. Add an 1420 x 1200 image for you page illustration (I used a basic grey square for mine)
  2. Specify if you want the Keep me signed in check box or not
  3. Add a post logout link and label if you want one
  4. validate by clicking the Check button


Then wait a little, sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes for all the changes to start showing up. Here what it should look like


I hope this was helpful,



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