Configure the SharePoint Online App Catalog

To manage apps on your SharePoint Online tenant, you must create an App Catalog. This will allow you to manage weather or not users are allowed to “purchase”  and add Apps from the SharePoint Store.

To configure your catalog you must first create one. To do so, browse to your SharePoint Admin Center, go to App and click on the App Catalog link


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Publish a Power BI report in SharePoint

One of the most common question I get when I give Power BI session is : Can I publish “that” in my SharePoint site ? The answer to this is : Yes you can, but it depends on what you meant by “that”.

Power BI is build around 3 basic concepts :

Basic Concepts

I won’t be covering these in details in this post, but in a nutshell :

  • A dataset is something you connect to or import into Power BI;
  • A report is a bunch of visualisations (pie charts, bar charts, etc.) using the data from the datasets;
  • A dashboard is an aggregation of visuals that might come from multiple reports.

So, to answer the question better : Yes you can publish a report in a SharePoint site by using the Publish to web feature.

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Save email attachments to SharePoint using Flow

One the most common request I get from my users is: How can I save an email attachment directly into SharePoint. Before Flow we had to rely on third parties to do this properly but now, we can automate that process. Pretty cool uh? Obviously there many scenarios where this won’t apply, but in this post I will show you how you can easily create a “Flow” to save email attachments to a SharePoint library for a specific incoming email address.

First, go to, then click on the Browse Menu:


Then, chose the Save my email attachments to a SharePoint document library templalte

Save Template

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