Publish a Power BI report in SharePoint

One of the most common question I get when I give Power BI session is : Can I publish “that” in my SharePoint site ? The answer to this is : Yes you can, but it depends on what you meant by “that”.

Power BI is build around 3 basic concepts :

Basic Concepts

I won’t be covering these in details in this post, but in a nutshell :

  • A dataset is something you connect to or import into Power BI;
  • A report is a bunch of visualisations (pie charts, bar charts, etc.) using the data from the datasets;
  • A dashboard is an aggregation of visuals that might come from multiple reports.

So, to answer the question better : Yes you can publish a report in a SharePoint site by using the Publish to web feature.

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I’m speaking at the SharePoint User Group in Quebec City

A first for me,

I’m very excited to join the Quebec City SharePoint User group to share some Power BI thoughts on next Tuesday, May 17th at 6:00. I’ll mostly talk about data transformation using Power BI for desktop.  Hopefully, they’ll like it !

Canada, Quebec, Quebec City, skyline and waterfront, autumn

Canada, Quebec, Quebec City, skyline and waterfront, autumn

Quebec City is defiantly one of my favorite city’s to travel to. It’s beautiful and the people there are super nice. You can register to the session though the meetup event here 

I hope I’ll see you there,

I’m speaking at Collab365 Summit

I’m super happy to be back on a Collab365 event tab. These guys defiantly know how to throw an online conference and it’s always fun to work on a prerecorded session. This time I will cover data transformation and modelization using Power BI for desktop, in French mind you 😉 Lots of demos, I promise!

The event will run from May 10th to May 12 with a huge list of international speakers and great sessions. Mine will be hosted May 10th at 5:00 PM EDT. You can register for free.

Also if, you missed my session at Collab365 Global Conference 2015 in October  you can watch it on demand !