Keep an eye on your SharePoint content using Security Alerts

The Office 365 offering is without a doubt a great  enabler when it comes down to productivity. Everything is accessible from every where at any point in time.

This all good, but how can we keep an eye on our content and insure security and compliance ?  We certainly don’t want to kill productivity by closing all the doors to our end users, but at the same time we often have to guaranty that the end users behave in a reasonable manner.

Let’s say I need to track down when users are sharing SharePoint content, what was shared and who it was shared with.  I could achieve that by configuring security alerts in the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center.

From the Office 365 Admin portal, in the Admin Centers, select the Security and Compliance option

Security and compliance center

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Automatically delete OD4B files after 5 years

SharePoint Online comes some interesting retention capabilities. For example, the record management functionalities will allow you to declare specific content types as records after a period of time and move these documents to a Record Center.

This is very nice, but you also might need to do the opposite: Delete some content after it’s reached a certain “age” regardless of it’s type. In this case, you could use document deletion policies for SharePoint and One Drive for Business.

To access your Compliance Policy Center,  you can navigate to the Security and Compliance center from you Office 365 Admin Portal.

Security and compliance center

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I’m speaking at aOS Aix-en-Provence

SUPER EXITED to be flying to France and meet the European aOS community over there. On September 6, I’ll be giving a session on Flow and Power Apps.


I’ve been givings lots of sessions on Power BI lately and felt the need to explore some of the other Office 365 features. This is my first time in France, hopefully my accent won’t be to much of an issue over there.

Even tho it’s a bit far, you can register here if ever are in the aria 😉