I’m speaking at the SharePoint Saturday Toronto

I’m super exited to be back in Toronto for the SharePoint Saturday on July 9, 2016. Last year was a blast and super well organized. I was sick mind you, but I still had a good time with the Toronto crew.



You don’t  to miss out on this one. It’s just prior to the WPC Conference and everyone will be in town for the event. From the last update I got, it will be packed ! Register here before it fills up and they run out of place.

A null value was found for the property named ‘SharedWithUsersId’ using Power BI for Desktop

I came across this weird behavior a while back when attempting to use a SharePoint document library as a data source in Power BI for Desktop. I keep doing demos on this matter in my sessions, but not a lot of people seem to be aware of that bug so I figured I would document it.

The scenario : I have a SharePoint Online document library and I would like to connect to it and create reports using Power BI for Desktop.


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