Office 365 – From a tenant to another, the full story!

The first step of migrating one Office 365 tenant to another is simple: Go back in time and chose the proper name for your tenant.

Option 1

Here is a fictive scenario:

The CEO of Crazy Rentals was told by a friend all about Office 365 and he wants to see what the fuzz is all about. He reaches out to Steve (someone in IT, sometimes) to create a trial tenant. When creating the tenant and asked for the name of the company Steve specifies that Crazy Rentals is the name of the company.

Without even realizing it, Steve ends up with a domain name that looks something like this: and SharePoint tenant URL that looks something like that Never the less, Steve is super happy with this. He plays with his new tenant for few days and then projects start coming in and obviously, he has to focus on these. Time goes by and Steve forgets about his trial tenant.

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