Breaking Document Sets – Part 2

As I was saying in my previous post, Breaking Document Sets – Part 1, I’m working on a solution with Document Sets.

Again I don’t think we have to go into details here, but I needed to create projects containing deliverables. I need to be able to track deliverable status and I also need to attach the deliverables to the project without impacting the classification process.

So, I came up with this basic structure:

Content Type Structure

Again I came across limitations! It turns out that, when creating an item based on Folder within a Document Set. The values for Shared column are not being propagated to these items.

This is what you should get:


This is what you will get:


FYI, I opened a ticket with Microsoft for that matter as well, and they are apparently working on a fix. I haven’t had feedback in couple of days now, but I’ll keep you posted when we have a resolution.

I hope this helps,

Breaking Document Sets – Part 1

I’ve been working on implementing SharePoint Online at one of my clients. For many reasons it was decided that we would first focus on helping them collaborate better in the context of project.

Many “needs” came up, but to sum it up, we wanted to be able to manage documents within the context of a project. We also wanted to minimize de change on the end users who had been using file server for as long as they started their business. So one of the challenges was that we needed to make the classification process as close as possible to what they were used too, while making the searching process as efficient as possible.

And so I built my entire solution around those two simple principes:

  1. Minimize changes on classification process as much as possible
  2. Improve searching process as much as possible

Since Document Sets gives us the ability to assign metadata automatically using “Shared Columns” I figured I would use them to help with “Principle 1”

No need to go into details here, but let’s say I came up with this basic structure

Basic Structure

Users were happy and for a while, it was ok. But, I came across this limitation which bums me out.

When using documents sets, the New button on the list view web part of the Document Set welcome page will break if your use a column pulling data from the Managed Metadata Service in the view for that Document set.  The list of available content types, won’t show as configured on your document library.

This is what you should get:

SharePoint Online Document Set

Instead, this is what you will get:

SharePoint Online Document Set

The menu from the ribbon on the other end, will work. In my case is wasn’t such a big issue as users are rarely creating content directly from SharePoint, but it took me time to figure out what was actually breaking my web part and so I figured I would share this with you guys.

FYI: I’ve opened a ticket at Microsoft Support and after some efforts I was able to get my ticket escalated. Once to the product team, things went a little faster. Bottom line is, Microsoft is aware of this behavior and the SharePoint Online team is working on patching it. I was told the MS Support that the fixe was applied internally and they are still testing it.

I hope this helps